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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wells Fargo VS Chase Bank

Wells Fargo:

I walked into the Castro Valley branch of Wells Fargo and was immediately greeted by an employee at the door. This branch felt very comfortable and friendly. As I was standing in line to do some bank, a manager walked right up to me and asked to help with me my deposit. The manager, Sammy, took great care of me and seemed very professional. But little did i know what I was getting myself into. Once I sat down at his desk, he immediately started offering me to open new accounts and credit cards. It was getting to the point where it was getting frustrating and I just wanted to make my deposit and leave but Sammy keep prying. I understand that many of these large retail banks are required to meet quotas for the month but it almost made me want to close my account with them. I felt like I was in a used car dealership and this man was not caring really about me, the customer, but about meeting his sales quota. As I looked around the branch I did realize that is was very clean and friendly. It has a good vibe to it but Sammy was taking away from this experience. So when I eventually got done with my deposit I went to leave and i was again greeted at he door with a simple, "Have a nice day!"

Appearance……..B+ Dope

Cleanliness …….A Tight

Friendly………… C+ Ight

Smiled/contact ……... D Step Yo Game Up!

Timeliness....... B Dope

Knowledgeable…… B Dope

Value………………..F Whack!

Overall Satisfaction ………….. C+ Ight

Wells Fargo gets a C-. I thought the branch was really well put together but the manager constantly trying to get my to open a new credit card left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Chase Bank:

I actually do not have an account with Chase, also in Castro Valley, but i was interested to see what they had to offer. I walked directly up to the teller and asked to for information on opening a new account. She actually looked at me weird and repeated what I said. I then realized that she barely spoke English. I then thought to myself, wow thats great Chase has a teller, basically the face and first interaction with their customers, that cannot understand me. I figured that she was new to the company so I asked to speak with someone else. I took a seat and waited 25 minutes to speak with another representative. Again I starting to feel frustrated with the bank already. The banker took me to his desk and started going over all the options that Chase has to offer. It was actually nice because I didn't feel pressured into opening an account or a credit card. The banker, I believe his name was Henry, really took his time with me and treated me in a professional matter. I eventually decided that I didn't want to open a account at this time and Henry was very understanding. He actually told me when I had any more questions to call him directly and gave me his business card. Then he stood up and shook my hand and walked me out of the building. I was very impressed with the service I received. When I was looking around the bank was very clean and a welcoming environment. I think that is very important to a bank because many people feel intimated by banks.

Appearance…….. A- Tight

Cleanliness …….A- Tight

Friendly…………A Tight

Smiled/contact ……... C+ Ight

Timeliness………… F Whack

Knowledgeable…… D Step yo’ game up

Value………………..B Dope

Overall Satisfaction ………….. B Dope

Chase gets a B because after the hassle with dealing with a teller that barely spoke English and waiting for 25 minutes, I thought highly of this branch. The friendliness and appliance really added to my overall experience

WINNER= Chase, The overall experience I had with them really put them over the top and made Wells Fargo look horrible. I am even considering closing my account with Wells fargo and opening one with Chase!

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