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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Macys VS Nordstrom

Macys (Dublin)
As I walked into the store I realized how many people they had working on the floor on a Saturday. There was no sale and it wasn't a particular "hot" shopping day. I picked a few items and immediately went up to talk to a representative. I asked many questions about the products I had. "Does this come in another color? What about another size? And could I try on these items?" The lady that helped was very nice and helpful giving me all the information I needed. As I went to purchase on the items, there are many places that you could find a register. I thought this was very nice to have because if you had another customer in front of you taking a long time you could easily go to another register. When I made it up to the register, the man that helped me wasn't very nice or friendly. He didn't ask me how I was doing or any friendly customer service questions that a customer would expect.


Appearance= B+ Dope, the store looked very nice but I did notice a good amount of clothes scattered every where.

Cleanliness= B- Dope, as I said before there were a lot of clothes that weren't hung up.

Friendly= C+ Ight, the first lady that helped me was great but the guy at the cash register not so much.

Smiled/Contact=C Ight, one representative was very friendly but the other one I dealt with was not.

Timeliness-B= Dope, a small wait.

Knowledgeable/ Solved my problem- B= Dope, helpful

Value-B= Dope, it was ok.

Overall Satisfaction- B = Dope, Macys had a decent customer experience.

Nordstrom (Dublin)

I had a really good experience with this store. I spoke with three customer respresentives and they all were very friendly. It just seemed that they wanted to be there, as opposed to Macys. They had very good eye contact with me which I think is key when communicating with a customer in person. If a worker is looking off into space or looking at the ground, it can make people feel not welcome. Also I found that they have a very rare return policy that I thought was great for customers. A customer can return an item they have bought at any time, condition, or time. I really don't know how they can afford to do this but that appealed to me. I think this would attract many more customers because a friendly return policy can do wonders for the company. Nordstorm was also very clean and had a welcoming environment.

Appearance- A-= Awesome, the place was well put together.

Cleanliness-A-= Awesome, very clean.

Friendly- A-= Awesome, I was very impressed with how they communicate with their customers.

Smiled/Contact -A-= Awesome, constant attention to the customer.

Timeliness -B-= Dope, had to wait in line for a couple of min.

Knowledgeable/ Solved my problem -C+= Ight, couldn't answer some of my questions.

Value-B= Dope, it was worth it.

Overall Satisfaction- B+ = Dope, way better than Macys

Even though I graded these two stores very closely, I enjoyed Nordstrom way more compared to Macys. They just had a better customer experience and very friendly representives.

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