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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

KFC vs Church's Chicken


In case you hadn't heard, the new Double Down sandwich has just come out at KFC. This abomination would surely kill me with its bacon and cheese, and two chicken patties, this breadless sandwich would surely be on everyone's "must try at least once in my life" list. I figured this would be a great chance to test out just how good they are at handling a large group of people. I gathered 7 of my close friends all eager to try the new sandwich at the KFC in Hayward off of Tennyson. We all came in and ordered the exact same thing, and waited for our 9 orders of Double Downs, I ordered an extra for my other friend. I ordered first, and received my order within 15 min... a little long in my opinion. unfortunately for my friends, I had gotten the last 2 double downs, and they weren't prepared for a large volume of orders... tsk tsk. They were relatively nice though, just very inattentive, although I admit, the drive through line was enormous. I tried to order some mashed potatoes on the side while I waited for the other orders, but it took about 5 minutes to get their attention even though there wasn't a line.

Appearance……..B Dope

Cleanliness …….A Tight

Friendly………… C+ Ight

Smiled/contact ……... C Ight

Timeliness....... D Step Yo Game Up

Knowledgeable…… C Ight

Value………………..F Whack!

Overall Satisfaction ………….. C Ight

KFC gets a C+. I thought the branch was really well put together but the employees were rather unprepared and inattentive.

Church's Chicken:

One of my favorite fast food Chicken joints, I decided to head on over and pick up some Chicken for a picnic with my friends. This time, we decided to go ahead and use the drive through at the Churches on Tennyson in Hayward. My friends wanted to get something two, but they only had card so we had to separate the orders. I ordered a family deal, and my friends go 2 large orders of biscuits. Unfortunately, they ran out of biscuits, and we were stuck waiting for a good 10 minutes in the car just for the biscuits. The guy was relatively monotone, and didn't really bring much in terms of personality. Although he wasn't rude, he wasn't exactly welcoming either.

Appearance…….. A- Tight

Cleanliness …….A- Tight

Friendly………… D Step Yo Game Up

Smiled/contact ……... D Step Yo Game Up

Timeliness………… D Step Yo Game Up

Knowledgeable…… C Ight

Value………………..B Dope

Overall Satisfaction ………….. C Ight

Church's Chicken gets a C-. They weren't very well stocked up on biscuits, but I'm sure they go fast, Church's biscuits are hella good. The attitude of the employee definitely needed work.

WINNER= KFC, although both had similar experiences, it was KFC's friendliness and attitude which made the difference, so Church's chicken... you gotta step yo game up.

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