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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Safeway vs Safeway

Safeway (Jackson St, Hayward CA)
I came in looking for a list of items that aren't easily found in a grocery store, and not a lot of people look for these items either. I asked for some assistance, but it took about 10 minutes before I could find someone to help me out. The guy helped me find a couple items, and then left me alone... I had to find the Liquid smoke and Agave Nectar on my own. The cashier was pretty grim looking and didn't say much... had to bag everything my self too.

Appearance= C iight... the store wasn't hella nasty, but it looked kinda shady.

Cleanliness= B- Dope there wasn't anything really out of place is which is to be expected in a grocery store. keeping stocked is one of their top priorities.

Friendly= D Step Yo Game Up, Everyone was pretty dead here... the guy who helped me wasn't too friendly either

Smiled/Contact=D Step Yo Game Up, Got very little eye contact from either of the people who helped me, and the closest thing to a smile I got was a quick grin when I looked at the cashier.

Timeliness- C = 10 minutes is a long time when you have a list of things u need, but definitely could have been worst, and the line was pretty short to pay.

Knowledgeable/ Solved my problem- C = iight could be more knowledgable about certain items, though I understand they aren't commonly seen.

Value- C = iight... the Safeway down on Foothill is much nicer.

Overall Satisfaction- C- = iight, They need to step up just a little more.

Safeway (La Playa St., San Francisco CA)

Everyone usually comes here for two reasons... Bonfire stuff, or use the bathroom. Coming from a bonfire, I've been a few times and I tell you, that line is ridiculous. The actual store isn't too bad... a little grimy if you ask me. But the people are really friendly and helpful. I'm sure they deal with a ridiculous amount of people too, so I'm sure they get annoyed of the constant complaints about the restrooms or stupid questions people ask. I managed to gather all the things I needed and they even gave me some good advice on cooking food over a bonfire.

Appearance- C = iight, grimy lookin, but not horrible.

Cleanliness- D= Step Yo Game Up, Seriously... that bathroom can be compared to one from a gas station.

Friendly- A = Awesome, I was very impressed with how they communicate with their customers.

Smiled/Contact -A-= Awesome, They were really on their shit.

Timeliness -B-= Dope, had to wait in line for a couple of min, but that was for the bathroom. The actual cashiers were pretty quick, but still friendly.

Knowledgeable/ Solved my problem - B= Dope, they really knew what I needed.

Value-B= Dope, it was worth it.

Overall Satisfaction- B = Dope, Better than it looks.

Overall, I guess Frendliness wins out again cause The Safeway on La Playa St. in San Francisco wins this round.

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