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See which one of your FAV'S pass the test! We are a group of 5 student set out to see how tough your competition really is? Who really has the TOTAL package, delivering the goods and/or services with overall excellent customer service! We see the ad's claiming to be better than their competitor, but are they?

*Each day a new set of competitors put to the test.
*CREATE AN ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE SITUATION: whether it be the frustrating customer who asks too many questions to the customer who just doesn't get it. See who handles it BEST!

Do you have a set of Competitors you want us to test? Do you have a unique idea for a situation you would like us to use or create? No matter how bizarre odd annoying it may seem let us know, those are the exact unique situations we want to create...TEST THE LIMITS!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

When I walked into Wal_Mart, I was greeted like normal, with the employee offering me a basket and of course I accepted. I only had a few things to get so I went to the department that I neede, and of course the brand of diapers that I use for my daughter were all out. So i bought a differnet brand to get me through the next couple of days. So next I needed a day planner so while in that section I was comparing the different planners and in the middle of my shopping an employee says "excuse me" I move out of the way and she puts something on the shelf, but then she continues on to start tidying the planner section while I am standing behind her trying to make my decision. My patience was gone and I say "excuse me. Do you not see me standing here shopping? I am looking through these planners and you are very being very rude. That's such horrible customer service." So she moved out of the way and asked me if I needed help finding something... are you serious? So I was fed up and headed to the check out counter, the cashier barely said "hi" before she continued with her conversation with a fellow employee and only spoke to tell me the total.

Appearance…….. C- “ight!”

Cleanliness …….D- Step yo’ game up

Friendly………… F- Whack!

Smiled/contact ……... F- Whack!

Timeliness………… C- ‘ight!

Knowledgeable…… D- Step yo’ game up

Value………………..F- Whack!

Overall Satisfaction ………….. D- Step yo’ game up

Wal-Mart gets a D- they definitely need to get it together…. Prices aren’t everything; I can take my business elsewhere.


I headed to Target with just a few items on my list: milk, razors, and a water bottle. When I walked in there was nothing special, the employees and customers were going about their business, and so I continued into the store. After I picked up everything on my list and headed to the check out line I realized that I had left my wallet at home. So I head to the customer service area and ask the employee working that area if I can leave my basket because I had left my wallet at home. She seemed a little irritated because she said she would have to throw the milk away because it would be sitting out to long. I told her that I would put the milk back (but I wish she would have offered to put it back for me). She agreed to watch my basket until I returned. I run home grab my wallet and get back to Target. At the check out the cashier was very nice, she complimented my small tattoo and talked about getting her first one not too long ago. She rang me up and my shopping was done for now.

Appearance…….. C- ight! Looks like all the other stores

Cleanliness …….B- Dope!

Friendly………… B – Dope!

Smiled/contact ……... A - Tight

Timeliness………… B - Dope

Knowledgeable…… B - Dope

Value………………..B - Dope

Overall Satisfaction ………….. B – Dope!

Target gets a B other than the woman getting a little irritated at me about the milk I would say that the cashier made up for that with her compliment. The store was very clean, and I didn’t mind paying a little more for my items.

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  1. I totally agree! I am a huge Target fan...I won't go anywhere else! I can't stand Wal-Mart.