SERVICE WARS: We rate YOUR Competition!
See which one of your FAV'S pass the test! We are a group of 5 student set out to see how tough your competition really is? Who really has the TOTAL package, delivering the goods and/or services with overall excellent customer service! We see the ad's claiming to be better than their competitor, but are they?

*Each day a new set of competitors put to the test.
*CREATE AN ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE SITUATION: whether it be the frustrating customer who asks too many questions to the customer who just doesn't get it. See who handles it BEST!

Do you have a set of Competitors you want us to test? Do you have a unique idea for a situation you would like us to use or create? No matter how bizarre odd annoying it may seem let us know, those are the exact unique situations we want to create...TEST THE LIMITS!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I walked into Sephora and was immediately greeted by a very pleasant and pretty young woman. She welcomed me to the store and asked how I’m doing. I responded and proceeded to walk towards the nail polish section, specifically OPI. As I walked I noticed that part of the floor looked like it was under construction, it was all wood. I accidently walked right past the nail polish, as I past the cashier desk, two women were talking, one of them greeted me so I took the chance to ask where the OPI was. She then walked me to the section and left me. I had a tough time getting my stroller through the aisle, not because the aisle was too small but because there were some bags on the floor that I had to run over to get to my destination. I selected a color and made my purchase. The cashier wasn’t overly nice, but she was hardly rude. She smiled at appropriate times and sent me on my way.

Appearance… B Dope!

Cleanliness… D Step yo’ game up! Stepping over bags and walking on a wooden floor is not an ideal shopping experience

Friendly…B Dope!

Smiled/ Contact… B Dope! The women made their contact when necessary, I like that they let me make my choice and didn’t try to help me

Timeliness…A Tight! They were available to answer my question

Knowledgeable/ Solved my problem… A Tight! The employee walked me directly to where I needed to go

Value… C Ight! They could have done more to make me feel like they appreciated that I shopped in their store

Overall Satisfaction… B- Sephora lost a couple of points on appearance and doing a little more to thank me for going to the store

I walked into Ulta, no one said hi or acknowledged me when I walked in. I immediately was drawn to the display they had in the front for the OPI on sale. I spent about five minutes trying to decide on a color and still no one has spoken to me. I made a selection and began to wander the store, through all of the departments, not until we got to the salon area did anyone speak, she was busy with a client but made a point to compliment my daughter. So I made my way to the other side of the store and browsed through the other OPI options, waiting for someone to speak to me but no one ever did. So I decided to make my purchase. The cashier was not very friendly, she did say hi but they next time she spoke was to tell me my total. So I paid and left

Appearance… B Dope!

Cleanliness… A Off the hook!

Friendly… D Step yo’ game up!

Smiled/ Contact… F Unacceptable

Timeliness… C Ight!

Knowledgeable… N/A I didn’t get a real opportunity to ask any questions

Valued… F Unacceptable No one made a real effort to acknowledge me

Overall Satisfaction… D Step yo’ game up!

If we were rating appearance Ulta would win, but since we aren’t Sephora is the winner here.

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